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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Tara Nagel who was born in Faribault, MN  on September 14, 1980 and passed away on November 10, 2005 at the age of 25. We will remember her forever.

Tara had found her vocation in working with companion animals and was an angel to the pets that were lucky enough to be under her care. Tara was such a kind, caring and compassionate person, that we are sure she has moved onto something bigger and better. Yet, her loss leaves a huge emptiness in our heart and we are overcome with sadness. We will forever miss our friend...
Tributes and Condolences
anger management   / Tom Hull (acquaintance)
Hi Tara. Yesterday I got angry about something.  After stewing about it for a while I remembered to ask myself "What would Tara do about this?"  The anger went away just like that.  The reason I said "remembered" i...  Continue >>
New Song   / Michelle Dormady (Friend)
I had Greg add a new song to this site.  Everytime I hear this song it reminds me of Tara.  She played it on the piano(very well)  and sang it at every Kareoke party we had.  It's a great song and a special tribute to her. Michel...  Continue >>
How lucky we were   / Tom Hull (acquaintance)
It will soon be two years since that tragic day on which we were visited by emotional pain of an unbelievable and overpowering intensity.  In the blink of an eye, we had lost a source of prolific inspiration, happiness, and joy.  In the day...  Continue >>
Wisdom  / Tom Hull (acquaintance)
On this website there have been many references to Tara's love, kindness, compassion, generosity, etc.  And rightly so, of course.Yesterday I witnessed an interaction between three people which somehow reminded me of something Jessica Nagel said...  Continue >>
In our hearts forever   / Elisa Eckert (friend)
Many times I feel your presence. As if you are thanking me for loving your animals. Ruthie and Elle have now become apart of my family and I am the one who should be thanking you! They bring me great joy and I love them as much as I believe you did. ...  Continue >>
Miss you  / Amy Herrington (friend)    Read >>
Missing you....  / Michelle Dormady (Friend)    Read >>
Day of Darkness; Legacy of Light  / Tom Hull (acquaintance)    Read >>
You made a difference  / Tom Hull (acquaintance)    Read >>
For Tara  / Tom Hull     Read >>
Memorial Garden  / Michelle (Friend)    Read >>
Haven't forgotten you  / Tom Hull (acquaintance)    Read >>
Still missing you!  / Michelle (Friend)    Read >>
My Rainbow  / Jessica Nagel (Sister)    Read >>
The year that Tara died  / Tom Hull (acquaintance)    Read >>
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Her legacy
Tara's Gifts  
A good place to look for Tara's legacy is right here in this website; the tributes and memorial candle comments; and also in what use to be known as Tara's Page. I have selected passages from as many people as possible and am going to pack them here in this place so they all can be read in one short sitting.

1. A. I will never forget you; you taught me how to live. B. I will live my life to the fullest because of the inspiration Tara gave me.

2. Tara's friendship was a beautiful gift that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

3. I will always remember all the care and love she gave to her friends and the animals she cared for.

4. The beauty and smiles she brought to work everyday will never be forgotten.

5. She had a way of making people feel truly welcome and gave kindness and compassion to so many animals.

6. I owe my happiness today to her. She is the beam of light that guides my way.

7. Thank you for being such an inspiration for me and many others.

8. You gave me the greatest gift in life and that is to be loved.

9. Tara made work fun and she made life seem worth living.

10. Inside of me she left an ambition that inspires me to live and love the way that she did. She left me dedication courage and strength.

11. Working with her was so inspiring and encouraging. Tara is a sparkle in my heart that I will never forget.

12. She was the sweetest funniest most beautiful caring and compassionate person I have ever known.

13. You had that priceless capacity to get others to love you; just by being yourself.

14.A. Whatever I do in life I will remember how much you touched my life and that you will help me be a better person for it. B. Thinking of you today and asking for your guidance to get me through some difficult times right now in my life.

Tara's lifes work  
As most people know, Tara loved animals.  She was dedicated to helping all of God's creatures.  She often fostered and bottle fed orphaned kittens.  She had 3 cats of her own, but the most important animal was her dog Benny.  Her and Benny found each other August of 2003.  Benny was always by her side and was her best friend.  She needed him at that time in her life and Benny needed her as well.  Benny is a special dog that only trusted Tara. 

Tara always wanted to help the animals that no one else would want.  One of her goals in life was to start a Black Dog Rescue.  The reason is there are more black dogs out there that simply do not get homes... she was always fond of the less fortunate and helpless animals.  Tara would do anything to see that the helpless animals had a chance. 

Tara started work at Country Kennels on August 11, 2003.  She started working in the kennels as an animal care technician.  Tara quickly became a role model to many employees through her hard work and dedication to the animals in her care.  She was promoted to Kennel Supervisor in 2005 and is one person who we can never replace.  Her love and compassion for the animals in her care gave Country Kennels the repuation for being more than a boarding kennel.  She was dedicated and volunteered at every event that was held by Country Kennels.  Tara was more than a co-worker for most of us, she was our friend.
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